The dividends will last a lifetime.


Your gift will pay rich dividends by making a difference
in the lives of tomorrow's citizens. Some examples:

By providing scholarship funds, you enable worthy students to continue their educations.
By contributing to the Kelso Public Schools Foundation, you help make grants available to Kelso School District students and employees for innovative projects that improve student learning.
By providing opportunities for students, you can help move an employable person into the job market -- someone who will share your tax load.
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Honor Gifts Contributions can honor a friend, colleague or loved one and/or a special event such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or retirement.

Cash Donations can be designated for immediate use and purpose or to increase the investment base. Unless funds are designated, grants are made only from investment earnings.

Corporate Gifts Businesses can give directly or can match contributions.

Gift Tangible items such as jewelry and art.

Wills This could include money, real or personal property or a percentage of an estate. Bequests can specify use of the fund. Residuary bequests can be made with the balance of an estate.

Memorial In honor of a deceased person.

Life Insurance A policy can be signed over to the Foundation, or policies can be written to designating the Foundation as beneficiary and owner.

Trust A fund setting aside a portion of an estate to be managed by the Foundation or your trustees. Funds can become income for your beneficiaries and the Foundation.

Real Estate Property can be donated.

Payroll Deduction

Stocks and Bonds
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