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KPSF Awards $120,275 in Scholarships!


The Kelso High School Class of 2020 was awarded 83 Scholarships totaling over $120,000.  43 outstanding graduates were honored in what proved to be the most money awarded by the Kelso Public Schools Foundation to date.

A complete list of Scholarship, award winners and their pictures are featured on our website! Click button below to view:

Kelso Public Schools Foundation








Our mission:

* Fund and Award SCHOLARSHIPS for deserving graduating seniors

$120,275 awarded to 43 KHS 2020 graduates


* Fund and Award GRANTS for innovative K-12 educational activities that benefit a substantial segment of students for which public resources are insufficient.


Since 1997 over $210,000 has been awarded to fund KPSF Grants

within Kelso Public Schools in the following areas:


32% Literacy

20.5% Career/Technical Education

13% Music

11% Teachers

10.5% Health & Physical Education

7% Math & Science

6% Special Education


The demand for GRANTS has grown, we need to increase our financial resources.  

Classrooms and instruction will look different in the 2020-21 school year, together we can assist teachers and advisors to have the greatest impact on student learning!  Help us support Kelso Public Schools staff during this difficult time by funding innovative activities/projects for our students. 


Your donation will help fill the financial gap and support programs like these:

Create a "Homework and Positive Start Room" in an elementary school

Help fund a "Salmon Release Program" interactive field trip for middle         school students

Help fund a small "Food Pantry" for hungry students in an economically   challenged elementary school

Purchase an "AeroGarden System" students discover growing fresh herbs as an alternative to salt 

Purchase "Scholastic Storyworks Jr." magazine & supplemental materials for a 3rd grade classroom

Fund "NewsELA" create vibrant digital reading experiences at varied reading levels in the high school

Purchase an "Adaptive Tricycle" for the “Kelso Dream Team” a KSD Special Education Track Team

Join us on September 24th for the

Give More24!

"Day of Giving"


The Kelso Public Schools Foundation (KPSF) has been serving Kelso students since 1991.  In that time, the organization has given over a million dollars in student scholarships and grants to fund programs and activities in Kelso Public Schools.  This past year alone the Foundation provided over $100,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors and more than $16,000 in grants to fund programs at schools throughout the district.

The foundation now staffs an office at Kelso High School. Help from the foundation is available throughout the school year to assist  students, staff, and interested Hilanders with the process of applying for scholarships and grants, volunteering, donating or creating a scholarship.



Your gift will pay rich dividends by making a difference in the lives of future generations.


Some examples:
* By providing scholarship funds, you enable deserving students to continue their education.

* By contributing to the Kelso Public Schools Foundation, you help make grants available to Kelso School District staff and employees for innovative projects that impact student learning.

* By providing opportunities for students, you can assist them in becoming a contributing member of society.

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