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One of the over 30 grants awarded KSD provided the funding for 42 Kelso High School “Teen Cuisine” students to earn their Food Handlers Certification!


“Investing Today in the Interest of Student Success Tomorrow”


Why is food handler training important?


Food Safety Is Critical to Public Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year roughly 48 million Americans (one in six) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne illnesses. Moreover, foodborne illnesses cost over $50 billion each year!

Foodborne illness is caused by consuming food or drink that is contaminated by germs. Perhaps the food was not fully cooked or left out at room temperature. Perhaps someone who handled the food was sick or had germs on their hands. Even the simplest errors in food handling can cause someone to get a foodborne illness, and when this happens to two or more people, it is called a foodborne outbreak.

Educating food handlers is the best way to protect the public, food handlers themselves, and their families. Properly trained food handlers can improve food safety and reduce risks and behaviors commonly associated with foodborne illness and outbreaks..


Training Is Required by Law

Because foodborne illness and outbreaks can occur so easily, food handler training is required by law in many states. That means that employees may not handle food without valid proof of training. In addition, many states require food handlers to keep their food handler cards current by renewing them at legally defined intervals.


Well-trained Food Handlers Are More Valuable Employees.

Through training, food handlers gain important knowledge and skills that not only protect the public, themselves and their families from illness, but prepare them to take advantage of opportunities for thousands of jobs available in the food service industry. Employers who are hiring staff see well-trained food handlers as more desirable and more valuable employees



The Kelso Public Schools Foundation (KPSF) has been serving Kelso students since 1991.  In that time, the organization has given over a million dollars in student scholarships and grants to fund programs and activities in Kelso Public Schools.  This past year alone the Foundation provided over $100,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors and more than $16,000 in grants to fund programs at schools throughout the district.

The foundation now staffs an office at Kelso High School. Help from the foundation is available throughout the school year to assist  students, staff, and interested Hilanders with the process of applying for scholarships and grants, volunteering, donating or creating a scholarship.




Your gift will pay rich dividends by making a difference in the lives of future generations.


Some examples:

* By providing scholarship funds, you enable deserving students to continue their education.

* By contributing to the Kelso Public Schools Foundation, you help make grants available to Kelso School District staff and employees for innovative projects that impact student learning.

* By providing opportunities for students, you can assist them in becoming a contributing member of society.

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