"FALL 2020" 


"2020 Fall Grants" will be awarded in early August with the monies being awarded in early September so teachers and staff can implement their innovative and creative projects.                                                          

Basic Information


Who May Apply?                      

- All STAFF affiliated with schools in the Kelso Public Schools


Where do I get a Grant Application?        


- Click the button...………………………...…..

When to submit?    

- Deadline: TBD - Tentatively Early September   Late applications will not receive consideration


Who to contact?                      

-Jana Clarke or Rick Davis, (360) 501-1835

What is the expenditure?        

- All awarded grant funds need to be used by June 30, 2021, or they will be forfeited

When are grant winners notified?

       - Grant winners will be notified on September, 2021


How are grants judged?         

- A Foundation Board committee will judge  the applications

- Creativity, innovation and the projects ability to meet one or more of the grant criteria

- Grants should be clear, concise and free of educational jargon


Grant Criteria:

  • Impacts a significant number of students or more than one school

  • Demonstrates integration of curriculum

  • Promotes racial and/or cultural understanding

  • Applies learning to the real world (life skills)

  • Involves use of technology

  • Strengthens the relationship between school and community

  • Addresses an “at-risk” population

  • Addresses school climate issues

* Projects must be beyond the financial capabilities of the district, building and/or program

* Resource materials must demonstrate strong ties to the project

* Outside resource personnel must be identified by name with a resume’ recommended

* Evaluation report is required after completion of the project


High Funding Priorities

  • Active student involvement

  • Resource materials are reusable

  • High ratio of number of students per dollars invested

  • Project would not happen without Foundation funding

  • Brings innovation to the classroom


Lower Funding Priorities

  • Passive student involvement (merely as part of an audience)

  • Books and software without a strong tie to the project

  • Technology equipment that qualifies for district technology funding

  • Transportation fees without strong tie to the project


Restrictions (grants will not be approved for):

  • Capital improvement costs

  • Funding or extending a staff position

Call us:

360 501-1835

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Kelso High School