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"Fall 2023" 

Basic Information


Who May Apply?                      

- All STAFF affiliated with schools in the Kelso Public Schools


Where do I get a Grant Application?        


- Click the button...………………………...…..

When to submit?    

- Deadline: 4:00 PM - November-10th - Late applications will not receive consideration

- Please E-Mail a completed Application to kelsokidz@gmail.com

- Remember to save a copy for your records


Who to contact?                      

- Rick Davis      (360) 501-1835        kelsokidz@gmail.com

What is the expenditure?        

- All awarded grant funds need to be used by June 2024, or they will be forfeited

When are grant winners notified?

       - Grant winners will be notified by November 28th, 2023


How are grants judged?         

- A Foundation Board committee will judge the applications

- Creativity, innovation and the project's ability to meet one or more of the grant criteria

- Grants should be clear, concise and free of educational jargon


Grant Criteria:

  • Impacts a significant number of students or more than one school

  • Demonstrates integration of curriculum

  • Promotes racial and/or cultural understanding

  • Applies learning to the real world (life skills)

  • Involves use of technology

  • Strengthens the relationship between school and community

  • Addresses an “at-risk” population

  • Addresses school climate issues

* Projects must be beyond the financial capabilities of the district, building and/or program

* Resource materials must demonstrate strong ties to the project

* Outside resource personnel must be identified by name with a resume’ recommended

* Evaluation report is required after completion of the project.....


High Funding Priorities

  • Active student involvement

  • Resource materials are reusable

  • High ratio of number of students per dollars invested

  • Project would not happen without Foundation funding

  • Brings innovation to the classroom


Lower Funding Priorities

  • Passive student involvement (merely as part of an audience)

  • Books and software without a strong tie to the project

  • Technology equipment that qualifies for district technology funding

  • Transportation fees without strong tie to the project


Restrictions (grants will not be approved for):

  • Capital improvement costs

  • Funding or extending a staff position

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